We offer WordPress maintenance plans to keep your website up-to-date and secure. We also offer website hosting if needed.

Website Maintenance

Your website is often the face of your company and in many cases, the main revenue driver. Keeping it up-to-date and secure is a must. As a business owner, you should not be worried about keeping your website maintained, you should be running your business. With our maintenance plans, you can focus on what you do best and leave your website to us.

Benefits of our Maintenance Plans


Most of the website hacking we have seen is from a website not being kept up-to-date. WordPress and plugin makers occasionally find vulnerabilities in their system and release updates to fix them. If you are not actively updating your site, you’re leaving open doors to hackers.


Websites can have problems or even completely go down. A bad update or an error can easily break your site. With our backups, we can restore your website to right before the error, as if nothing ever happened. It is important to keep active backups to maintain a healthy site.


You would be shocked to see the amount of hacking attempts that a normal website receives every day. There are bots hitting your website every hour looking for a way to get in. We monitor your site for any attempts and block them right away. We also keep an eye out for any weird activity that could be a threat.

Maintenance Plans


$99 / month


$199 / month


$299 / month

Core Updates

WordPress releases updates frequently to improve the platform and make it more secure. These updates should be installed in a timely manner. After installing the updates, we check for any issues the update may have caused.

Plugin Updates

Plugins have frequent updates that should be installed immediately. Each plugin update improves performance, adds features, fixes bugs, and makes the plugin more secure. It is critical to keep them up to date. After installing the updates, we test and resolve any issues.


Regular backups are done on your site so that if a problem arises, we are able to restore it immediately as if nothing ever happened.


We not only watch for any harmful activity on your site but also block anyone attempting to hack it.

2 Hours of Development

When you need an update done on your site such as adding or editing content, photos, blog posts, pages, etc., you can use our team for up to 2 hours per month to do it for you.

Secure Server

Your site is hosted on one of our secure servers, not a shared server which could have hundreds of other sites. By limiting who we have on our servers, your website will be faster, have less downtime, and less exposure to vulnerabilities, as our servers are kept with the latest technology in security. Hosting with us also comes with a free SSL certificate for your site.

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