Business Consulting

icon-consultingWe are available for: Business Consulting, Mentoring, Copywriting, Critiques, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements.

Often, just an expert looking at your company or doing some tweaking to your ads can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in increased profits.

Below are the services that we offer and how to request a consultation.


Consulting / Coaching is done on a case-by-case basis and is available by phone or in person.

Copywriting Services

We do Advertisements for: Newspapers, Yellow Pages, Magazines, Pay Per Click, Fliers, Brochures, One-page Letters, 3-step Marketing Letters, Broadcast Emails/Faxes, Press Releases, and Website Sales Copy.

Copywriting fees are determined per project.


We offer a thorough critique for both sales materials and websites.

Seminars and Speaking

We are always available for seminars and speaking engagements!

Note: We do not do consultations for businesses associated with adult content or products, gambling sites, or any other market that we’re personally uncomfortable with. We are very selective about accepting clients and projects, and all services are subject to limited availability.

*Not everyone gets approved for consulting, which may be due to time constraints, or your business may just not qualify.

If you are interested in any of these services, please use our contact page to notify us. Once you have sent in your request, you will receive a form that you will fill out and return back for approval. Once approved, we will notify you of the date and/or time that we will contact you.