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Business & Marketing Consulting

We often speak with business owners who are stagnant in growing their business. They are spending so much time in their business that they never have the time to work on their business. We all go through this at some point, so if this sounds like you, you’re most certainly not alone.

When you started your business, it was probably because you were really good at what you do; you have a passion for it. What you may not have realized in the beginning however, was that as a business owner, you have to be way more than just the service or product you offer. You need skills, especially in business and marketing (on top of everything else you have to do), in order to grow.

Our business consulting is an in-depth process that is used when a client knows they need help, but is not necessarily sure where in their business they are in need of that help.

Having an expert go through your entire business and marketing with you can be invaluable. Often, just an expert looking at your company or doing some tweaking to your ads can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in increased profits. This is where we come in. We thrive in helping you get “unstuck” so you can finally see real growth in your business.

In addition to general business consulting, we also offer marketing-specific consulting in the other services we offer: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. So, if you already know what the next step your business needs and just need some guidance implementing it, we do that too!

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Our Process

Stage 1
Business & Marketing Audit

Business / Marketing Audit

We dig deep into how your business operates. We look at your marketing and operational systems to find the problem areas. Think of your business like a bucket that you want to fill; if there are holes in the bucket, it doesn’t matter how much water you put into it, it will not fill up. We find all of the holes in your business and then help you seal them.

Stage 2
Business & Marketing Strategy


Once we have identified the problem areas, we create a blueprint for how to fix them. Nothing gets built without a solid plan. We lay out exactly what areas need to be fixed, how to fix them, and what to do next to continue growing.

Stage 3
Business & Marketing Consulting

Ongoing Consulting

Depending on where your business is and how much help you need, once the initial work is done and you are on the right path, we offer ongoing consulting to help you through the process and simply be a trusted advisor as you make any decisions or changes in your business that you may be unsure of.

Stage 4
Virtual Director of Marketing

Virtual Director of Marketing

Some clients use us as a “Virtual Director of Marketing”. Not everyone can have a marketing director, so having someone on the outside who you can bring in for a lot less than a full-time salary can be highly beneficial to your business.

We go over your results and marketing each month and help you make the right decisions on what to do next. One thing our clients love about this option is that they can send us any marketing offers they get, or ads they want to run, and we will look over them and make any suggestions (if needed).

We run all of the numbers for you and add in our expertise to make sure you are not only making smart decisions, but are getting better returns on those decisions too.

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Any ads we create are targeting the keywords that lead to sales, not just traffic, and are written for effective click-throughs.

Red Wall has been working with us for the past five years. In that time they have built us two websites (currently redoing one of them right now), and managed the SEO on both. He has helped us build a business from the ground up into a national company. We could not be happier with JR and Red Wall Marketing!

— Tim Wilfong, Gulfside Heat Transfers