icon-servicesWhen I first started out with coaching and consulting, I had no intention of offering any services.

However, clients were having problems finding good help in the area of internet marketing. I realized a good service option with a Business First / Marketing Based mentality was needed.

Business First means it’s about what your business needs, not what a company needs to sell. You don’t need a service just because we provide one. Sometimes you need nothing at all, or just some tweaks to what you have. With a business first mentality, you aren’t being sold anything just for us to make more money.

Marketing Based means we are looking at the bigger picture, how do these services fit your overall goals.

We aren’t an internet marketing agency. Our main focus is educating and helping business owners with a much bigger overall strategy. So these services are complimentary to that and only with that in mind.

Although our services are open to all and can be used exclusively without consulting, we are still focused on the bigger picture for your business.

Web Design

Web designers just weren’t delivering sites that convert. Typically this is due to a web designer not being a marketer. Graphic design and coding do not equal conversions.

So that lead me to building a team that can design sites with proper marketing and conversion in mind.


When it came to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), too many companies were selling a promise they couldn’t keep. Anyone guaranteeing results on SEO, should be avoided.

On top of that, many companies are using “black hat” techniques that will just lead to trouble later on. No ranking is worth possibly having your site banned from Google.

So again, I pulled together the right people and resources to do this right.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click can be a tricky advertising channel. If not done right it can be a hugely negative ROI.

And a PPC company, is mainly focused on selling you their service.

We again look at the bigger picture to see if it fits. Then we look at the potential ROI and make sure it’s a positive one.

Any ads we create are targeting the keywords that lead to sales, not just traffic. And our ads are written for effective click throughs.

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