Our Purpose

We are a Tampa-based marketing agency working with businesses worldwide to grow their business.

Our agency exists to bring the very best in marketing education and services to help your business grow.

When you start a business, you take a risk. Whether you have an idea or are really good at something, you take the leap and start a business with it. True success with your business lies in how well you can market and manage it.

Our sole purpose is to help you achieve success in your business with marketing strategies that are focused on growing the business.

Our Story

From Founder, JR Griggs:

Red Wall Marketing was started reluctantly, out of failure.

Yes, you read that right. As much as it pains me to say it, I failed over and over and then suddenly, this company started to form.

See, from the time I could push a lawn mower, I wanted to own a business. I always had that entrepreneurial bug.

I spent a lot of time in sales and marketing, and it always just clicked for me. It was not uncommon for me to offer my bosses marketing advice. I loved the systems used in a sales process, and would most often be the only salesman using the tools they provided us. This, of course, gave me a great advantage over everyone else.

After working for a couple of really bad companies in a row, I decided it was time to do something of my own. One way or another, I was going to figure it out. So I set out on a mission. I soaked up every piece of marketing and business information I could. I spent a ton of time building websites for products and services that could be a potential business for myself, and that was when the failure part began. Pretty much anything I did was nothing close to success. I just couldn’t find a product or service anyone wanted to use. No matter how good I became at building websites, SEO, or advertising, I couldn’t build a viable business fast enough to pay the bills.

While falling on my face, I had a sales job that was keeping a roof over my head. One day the owner started asking me questions about all the stuff I had been learning, and I taught him some things that quickly increased his business. Then, he came back for more advice, and eventually, his friends started asking me questions about their business. Next thing I know, I have business owners wanting to pay me to help grow their business.

I noticed a need for business and marketing services that were both transparent and focused on what the business really needed. Simplified information and services for small business owners that focused on understanding what they really needed to grow their business. There was too much junk and confusion out there designed to just sell a service.

I honestly never would have guessed this is what I would end up doing, but I enjoyed seeing the success of those I could help, and creating something for the small business owner who no longer had to search through a bunch of garbage to find real help. Being able to see businesses grow is such an exciting and fulfilling experience.

(And by the way, the boss I was working for who was asking me for advice, is still a client of ours today and his business has grown by over 600%!)

Our Name

Why the name Red Wall Marketing?

That’s an interesting question!

Here are a few possible explanations for the name. Pick which one you think is the right one and we’ll have a bonus for you!

A   In 1986 a book was written called Redwall, a fantasy novel of a small town attacked. They eventually rose up and defeated their enemies. This seemed like a fitting name, as small business owners need to rise up and defeat failure! So the name Red Wall Marketing was born!

B   No business likes to be in the red. Sometimes getting a business to success is like climbing a giant wall. So the idea of climbing a red wall and getting into the black ink was the reason for the name Red Wall Marketing.

C   One day, while painfully trying to figure out what to name the company, JR sat there staring at the red wall in his office (the corner of his bedroom at the time), and a light bulb went off… Red Wall Marketing!