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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are currently one of the lowest-cost marketing strategies your business can use. While Facebook has had ads for quite some time, most businesses are still not using them. And if they are, they aren’t using them correctly. As a result, this leaves an enormous opportunity to advertise your business and see amazing returns.

There are over 200 million active Facebook users in the US and over 2 billion active users worldwide. That is a lot of potential customers! Not only is Facebook an enormous marketing platform, but also a place where users spend a significant amount of their attention every single day.

Facebook has the ability to let you target your customers down to the finest details: age, gender, marital status, income, type of home, interests, buying habits, and so much more. You can define your ideal customer so specifically that they will be the only ones seeing your ads.

What we do is help you define that target audience and then run ads that get your business responses. We set up proper tracking so we can use that data to adjust the ads and make them smarter over time, therefore bringing in more returns for each ad dollar spent.

Pay Per Click Management

How Your Business Can Use Facebook Advertising

What is PPC

Facebook Ads can be used for a variety of businesses and in a variety of ways:

  • Drive in leads for a business
  • Increase online sales for an eCommerce store
  • Generate foot traffic for a local business
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Grow a business’s fanbase with targeted fans
  • Promote an Event
  • Instagram Advertising via Facebook Ads
  • App downloads

We make sure you are targeting the right market with the right message. We ensure landing pages are optimized for the best conversions. We utilize split testing to ensure we are running the best ads to the best landing pages. We implement retargeting so you are getting the most out of every person who engages with your ads.

No matter what your goal for advertising on Facebook is, we have the experience to achieve that goal for you. Platforms like Facebook can be confusing and intimidating for many business owners; however, in today’s marketing world, it is a must to be utilizing it in some way.

With our agency handling your Facebook ads, you can focus solely on your business knowing your ads are performing at their best.

Our Process

Stage 1
Facebook Ad Discovery


We start by learning everything we can about your business and your ideal customer. We want to know as much as possible so we can use that information for both the targeting and the copy used in your ads. We also get an understanding of the goals you have for your ads, such as to acquire more leads, app downloads, sales, etc.

Stage 2
Facebook Ad Strategy


With all of the information we gain in the discovery process, we build out a strategy for your ads. This includes looking at audience creation, landing pages, goals, retargeting, etc. We build everything out so we know who we are targeting, the goal of each ad, what happens after they engage with the ad, and how to bring in as many conversions as possible.

Stage 3
Facebook Ad Management


Facebook ads require a lot of hands-on work and adjustments. They need to be updated more often than other advertising channels (such as Google Ads, etc.). Each week we will review and adjust your ads to ensure they are always performing at their best and bringing in more business.

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The best decision I’ve made thus far has been to hire Red Wall. They have been extremely helpful, honest and upfront. They have worked very hard to help me achieve my marketing goals. JR is extremely intelligent, and his coaching and book have taught me so much while staying on the road to success. It is because of his help that I am doing so well and I know with him and his team's continued dedication, it just gets better from here. Thanks for everything!

— Ashley F., Diesel Life