Hear from business owners who have used our services and consulting to grow their business! All testimonials are on file in written, audio or video form. Names are sometimes abbreviated for non-disclosure clients.

“Hi JR,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation last week.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge – I found it so entertaining and informative. I’ve found a moment to make a start on your book. Love the conversational style and what you discuss really makes sense. 
I appreciate the inspiration and, being a procrastinator, am going to try to harness the motivation you gave me to get off my butt and produce something!
Will keep you posted,
best regards,

“The best decision I’ve made thus far has been to hire JR! JR has been extremely helpful, honest and very upfront. He has worked very hard to help me achieve my marketing goals.
JR, you are extremely intelligent. Your coaching and your book has taught me so much while staying on the road to success. It is because of your help that I am doing so well and I know with your continued dedication, it just gets better from here. Thanks for everything!”
– Ashley F., Florida

“JR is a Marketing Wizard, when he talks I listen knowing my bottom line is about to increase!”
– Ryan Magin, Florida

“JR has got an awful lot of knowledge. He’s helped me a great deal. He’s been quite valuable.”
– Mark Plumb, Florida

“JR has been amazing for our business. I do not know what I would do without him. He has done so much for us. I don’t even know if we would still be in business.”
– Nenad Omerovich, Florida

“JR has gone above and beyond for us. He has educated and inspired our staff. We can’t thank him enough for all of his hard work and dedication!”
– Marchelle L., Florida

“If ever I am stuck on anything in my business, JR is always quick to respond to my queries. He gives incisive, coherent answers and, if I need it, a plan of action.”
– Jacqui Carrel, UK

“I cannot thank JR enough for the time and guidance that helped me realize my goals and the tools and opportunities available to make them happen.”
– Rob Smith Jr., Florida