Why Your Business Might be Failing With Social Media

8527753874_d9e0a5e28cSo how’s that social media “campaign” working out for you?

Are you the talk of Facebook yet?

Is Twitter exploding with people sharing how awesome you are?

No? Ever wonder why?

It’s usually pretty simple.

You see, over and over I see businesses jump on a social network like Facebook and expect to suddenly have a raving following.

Reality is though, most will never use social media for more than a failed test.

Are You Social?

Something very important to understand about social media, is its meaning.

Social media, is a medium for being social.

If you aren’t social without social media, what makes you think a Facebook page will change that?

Most businesses just aren’t social to begin with. They do not communicate with their market. Social media isn’t going to change their mindset, it will just put their anti social behavior under a magnifying glass.

Does your business typically send out thank you letters to your customers, birthday wishes, holiday cards, etc.?

Do you often share interesting stories with your customers?

Do you normally ask questions of your customers, to learn more about them?

Do you talk to your customers without some expected monetary transaction from them?

If you’re not answering with a lot of “Yes” right now, that may be your problem with social media.

It’s a Mindset

You’ve probably heard people the saying that goes along the lines of, “If you’re not doing it now, you won’t do it then.”

It’s pretty much always true. We are who we are. Circumstances and tools, do not change us.

An extra hour a day is not going to get you into the gym. Your mindset needs to change first.

You have to start with a mindset of communicating to your market and customers.

You certainly don’t need a social network to start communicating more.

Do you have anything to say? If you don’t, a megaphone isn’t going to help.

Do you understand your market enough to know what they will listen to? If not, you’re wasting your breathe.

Always remember, we have 1 mouth and 2 ears. We need to listen more than we speak.

What is your market saying?  What do they really care about?

Understand the importance of communication with your market and the rest will follow.

Social media gives you an amazing tool for communicating, as long as you have the right mindset about it.

Cocktail Party

I use this analogy a lot with business owners. The best way to look at social media, is as a cocktail party.

The guy that shows up and starts handing out business cards, is the guy everyone wants to ignore.

You’ve probably been at that party right?

First thing that comes to mind is, “Who invited that guy?”

You know who has the crowd around them?

The person telling interesting stories. The person showing amazing pictures that wow the crowd. The person who is engaging the audience and drawing them into the conversation.

That person, everyone wants at their party.

Make it a Good Date

One of the best pieces of advice for dating, or just general influence, is to let the other person do the talking. Take interest in them. Hear what they have to say. Ask questions to get to know them better.

Showing up on a date and talking about yourself all night, is a great way to avoid a second date.

So before you even begin to consider social media, ask yourself if your business is the type that takes interest in customers.

Are you the guy handing out cards at the party?

Or the one talking about themselves all night?

Get into the mindset of wanting to please your customers and win over their attention. Be remarkable and draw them into a conversation. Be the life of the party.

It takes time but it will drastically change your success with social media.