TOTW 025: Why You Should Treat Social Media Like a Cocktail Party

Treat Social Media Like a Cocktail Party
Sometimes finding the wrong way to do social media is as easy as finding any business page. Too often it’s just a stream of offers and “Me, Me, Me” type of posts.

But the audience is ignoring it. They don’t care. They care a lot about themselves though. People use social media to escape life. They are looking for fun. So treat it like a cocktail party to get the best engagement.

In This Episode:

Imagine you are at a cocktail party. Who do you want to meet? Who do you want to talk to? Who do you want to avoid?

Chances are that if you spotted someone handing out business cards or offering the latest work from home opportunity, you will be avoiding them.

You’ll see out who has a crowd. Wondering what could be so interesting. You might find someone sharing an interesting story. Or someone who takes interest in you.

That’s exactly how you want to be on social media with your business. Be the person people want to talk to. The one who draws the crowd. Not the one who sends people looking for the exits.

In this episode we will look more into this idea of treating social media like a cocktail party.

Let us know what you think of the podcast and what changes and results you get from it!