TOTW 031: The Importance of Having a Mastermind

Importance of a Mastermind
Being a business owner or entrepreneur can be lonely. Not everyone thinks like us.

Whether you are a “solopreneur”, or the owner of a business with employees, you probably find yourself surrounded by like minded people less often than you’d like.

Our brains don’t tend to think like others. Surrounding ourselves with like minded, goal sharing, individuals can be extremely valuable.

Running a business is stressful. Our minds are going in a 100 different directions.

I have found being in a mastermind group to be one of the biggest boosts in my business. I get to meet with others in the same situation. They are going through some of the same crazy emotions and struggles.

They are trying different things and have different experiences. They can provide value I can’t get from other friends, family or employees. They can motivate me, validate ideas, save me from mistakes they have made. And I can do the same for them.

In This Episode:

This week is a short podcast I recorded while driving home from a mastermind meeting. I was stuck in traffic and decided to record while the topic was fresh on my mind.

The audio might not be great but it is raw and right from the heart. I was fresh off a couple rough business days and talking with a friend who was having the same experience.

Here’s an article I mention in the episode:

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