TOTW 030: The Importance of Content Marketing

Content Marketing
What is content marketing and why is it so important today?

Search engines used to be a directory of websites. You search a topic, you find sites about that topic. Today search engines are more about finding content to answer your questions.

You are more likely to self diagnose something before searching for the obvious solution. Rather than searching “auto repair shop”, you might first try “clicking noise in steering wheel”.

This is typical in a variety of industries. Finding the site that has the answer to that question, can sometimes lead you to contact them first.

As a local business, you can utilize content marketing to get answers out on the web, to questions your market is searching for. Positioning you ahead of the competition.

This is why content marketing is so important today. If you have the answers, you get the business.

In This Episode:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why is content marketing so important?
  • Examples of content marketing you can use.