TOTW 002: The CPR Method for Business Growth

Top of the Wall PodcastThere’s only 3 ways to grow any business. In this episode we cover all 3 ways with what JR calls “The CPR Method”. This method works to jump start, revive or thrive any business.

No matter what position your business is in, if it needs growth, this method will do the job. The next 3 episodes will go in depth into each component.

Once you build your business around these methods, the growth is exponential!

In This Episode:

The CPR Method

JR discusses the 3 components of the CPR Method.

  • Higher PROFITS per transaction
  • More REPEAT business from customers

More Customers

This is the one component of the CPR Method that every business focuses on, getting more customers. You’ll get a few ideas in this episode but even more in episode 3.

Higher Profits Per Transaction

It’s not just about raising prices or cutting costs. There a tons of ways to increase the profit in each transaction. JR will go over a few but episode 4 goes even more in depth.

More Repeat Business

Your current customers are the easiest to market to. Don’t leave them hanging after they have already said “Yes” and done business with you. Discover how you can bring those customers back in to do business with you more often. There’s a few ideas in this podcast but even more in episode 5.