TOTW 017: Shock and Awe Packages

Top of the Wall PodcastCan you really “shock and awe” your customers into doing business with you?

Discover how you can do just that in this podcast.

We look at what exactly a shock and awe package is and why they are so effective.

You’ll also hear some great examples of what to put in yours and examples of how others have used them to increase leads and sales.

In This Episode:

What is a Shock and Awe Package?

In order to effectively create a sock and awe package for your business, you need to understand what it is and its purpose.

We’ll look at what they are, how you can use it in any business and the different ways you can use one.

What’s in a Shock and Awe Package?

What goes into one can vary, it depends on your business and purpose. We take a look at some examples of what you can include. But it’s really up to you to be creative and design yours.

The way you use a shock and awe package will help determine what you should put in yours.

Send in some examples of yours when you create it. Let us know how it has helped your business!