TOTW 007: Leveraging Your Time

Top of the Wall PodcastThe clock is ticking. Time is going by every second and you can’t get it back. So leveraging your time is extremely important. Getting the most out of every minute, is critical to your success.

In this episode, I am walking outside, leveraging a chance to get fresh air and exercise, while recording a podcast.

In This Episode:

The Importance of Leveraging Time

Since time is so important, it’s best to use it wisely and take advantage of systems and programs to do so. There are tons of tools available to help with this. We have dead time in our day that if possible, we should be leveraging better.

Don’t Do Lesser Wage Tasks

It’s habit, we love to jump in and do tasks we shouldn’t. If our time is worth $500 or more per hour, why are we doing $10 an hour tasks?

Those should be delegated to others who can do them, so we can focus on more important tasks.

Tool & Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Dictamus – Used to record the episode (I later found that I could have increased the quality of the recording, oh well)

Evernote – I use this daily!