TOTW 011: Know Your Market

Top of the Wall PodcastWhat does your market really want from you?

Is your business designed around what your market wants or what you want?

This week we look at an extension to last week’s topic in building a customer avatar, and discuss knowing your overall market.

Your business should be designed around what your market wants.

In This Episode:

Why it’s Important to Know Your Market

A business can succeed or fail just on how the market perceives it.

I’ll tell you about a little coffee shop up here in Cowansville, Canada that seems to know everyone in town. And why that is earning my business over the franchise coffee shop not too much further away.

They know their market and it shows!

How to Build Your Business For Your Market

We’ll discuss some ideas on how to build your business for the market. How to find out what the market wants. And how to avoid marketing practices that could be hurting you, while keeping the ones that will help.

P.S. After recording this episode, I met with the owners of the little coffee shop where I am sitting right now to right this description. I spoke with them about this topic and they mentioned how they are sometimes the place people go to just talk about life. They pride themselves on being good listeners when people need it.

Lots of lessons there.