TOTW 021: How to Hire Only the Best

How to Hire Only the Best
Hiring is such a big deal for so many business owners. It can make or break a company.

Even the companies I have thought had it together, have the same issues. They just deal with them better.

I’ve dealt with hiring issues within my own company and with helping clients.

So this episode covers some areas I have found to work well at filtering down the bad applicants. The goal is to only meet with the best of the best.

In This Episode:

Filter Out the Bad Applications

We’ll take a look at how I filter out the bad applicants so I am only left with the top candidates.

Here’s a few ways

1. Really think about the position. Define exactly the roles of the position. This helps you better craft your job listing.

2. Be detailed in your listing. This filters out those who may not have the qualifications.

3. Require something in the application. By asking a simple question like “Start your email with what you had for breakfast”, you can filter out those not reading the instructions.

4. Give them a test. I test all applicants. This helps determine skills as well as how much they will do to get the job.

5. Pick the finalists and go from there.

There is of course more to it, but those are the basics you will learn in this episode.

Hope you enjoy it and it helps with your next hiring campaign.

Got more tips you have used in your business? Let us know in the comments!