TOTW 013: Doing Business Right – Lessons From the Road

Top of the Wall PodcastSometimes it really is just doing business right that will bring you success. It’s really surprising how many just don’t do the basics of business right.

While traveling to Canada and back over the last month, I took note of which businesses we used and which we avoided. Which ones we would use again and which ones we would not.

There are lessons to be learned in how we choose businesses when out of town.

When we travel we have no prior knowledge of the gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. So we have to go off word of mouth or other instincts to make decisions.

When you travel, what factors are relevant for you? Are you aware of those in your business?

In This Episode:

Judging a Book by its Cover

When we know nothing of a business, we make huge judgements just off the looks.

While traveling we made several of those. Gas stations won or lost our business by appearance only. The same goes for where we ate.

Reviews are Critical

We relied on reviews a ton. That was the first thing we checked when deciding on hotels.

It is extremely important to use all the resources available for your customers to find you online. Make sure all info is filled out with pictures and lots of reviews.

This can make or break your business!