TOTW 010: Customer Avatars

Top of the Wall PodcastDo you really know your customers?

Knowing exactly who your customer’s are, is a critical piece of information for your business.

This helps you identify the best marketing methods and resources to reach them.

It helps you design your business and processes around your customers.

And it helps your employees truly understand who they are serving or creating products for.

In This Episode:

What is a Customer Avatar?

No, not a blue alien species. But a defined persona of your customer. Right down to a picture and a story about who they are.

Building your customer avatar should include how they look, age, marital status, family status, income, etc.

The more info you have the better.

Place this info on a paper you can have handy. Look at it often. Pass it out to employees. Hang it in the office. Give it to anyone designing anything for your business.

How to Build a Customer Avatar

Start slow and get some general info on your customers. The Avatar will be more in depth later on. But for now, start slow.

Look at your customers and look for the common denominators. Sex, age, marital status, what they drive etc.

Write all this info down and use it to build a profile.

Later on, go more in depth and really understand them. Wants, fears, hobbies, etc.

Use this info in designing all aspects of your marketing and business.