TOTW 012: Building a Website That Converts

Top of the Wall Podcast1st rule of a business website is that it needs to be a DIGITAL SALESMAN.

Far too often business sites are nothing more than a digital business card or brochure.

Just another place for some basic info about the company and how great they are.

Being a salesman is a skill. It requires building trust, showing the customer that you understand them, relating to the customer, and of course, asking for the sale.

In This Episode:

Conversion Basics

We discuss the basic elements that your site needs to convert.

Defining the purpose, talking to the customer, making it easy for them to do what you want them to do.

Understanding these basics is essential to building a website that converts.

Key Elements to a Converting Site

There are several key elements needed in a site that brings in sales. And that’s what we want right?

We’ll break down the most important elements to your business website and why each one is so important.

These elements are proven to work not only in my own experience but are used over and over by the best websites out there.

Lots of lessons there.