TOTW 009: Blue Ocean Strategy

Top of the Wall PodcastIs your business operating in a blue ocean or red ocean?

A blue ocean is where the seas are wide open for your business. As opposed to a red ocean where there is already a feeding frenzy and you are fighting to get what scraps you can.

The book Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, has some amazing insights on how “blue ocean” thinking can move your business into the open water where you dominate the market.

I invite a good friend on the podcast who happened to be going through the book at the same time I was. So it was nice to get his thoughts on the book and strategy as well.

In This Episode:

What is a Blue Ocean?

The book goes over some examples of what a blue ocean looks like as well as what companies have successfully made this move.

The more sharks feeding in one place, the less food their is to go around. So moving on to bluer oceans is really critical to survival.

You’ll learn how Apple did this with the home computer.

Compaq with their servers.

Cirque du Soleil change the game of circus performance and attracted an entirely new market.

And much more…

Who Can Use This

One of the great things about the book is how they cover how any business from a start up, current business, or even an organization can use the strategy (including the NY Police Dept).

Not only is the strategy laid out with great examples, they give you the framework for finding your own blue oceans.

And for those in more complex companies and organizations, a plan for helping others grasp the idea.

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