TOTW 018: 8 Holiday Marketing Tips

Top of the Wall PodcastIt’s the holiday season! Are you prepared to use the holidays in your marketing?

This is a great time of year to engage with customers, run sales, hold events, and take advantage of the holiday spending spree!

Fall is the kickoff of the 4th quarter and the spending season.

People are generally happier and in the spending mood. You can take advantage of this in any business.

In This Episode:

8 Tips for Holiday Marketing

Here are the 8 tips covered in this episode:

Decorate – Embrace the season, draw people in with the emotional connection to the season and decorate for each.

Sales – It’s a great time to run some sales.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday – Two days where your market is spending money on any deal they can get their hands on.

Greeting Cards – Send them out, say hi and thank you to your customers.

Special Products – Pumpkin Spice something!

Special Events – Plenty of reason and occasions to do something special.

Community Programs – Get together with the neighboring businesses, create a community event.

B2B Marketing – Don’t forget about your suppliers, vendors, resellers, etc.


Don’t let the busiest part of the year for sales go by without positioning yourself to reap the benefits. With proper marketing you can take advantage of the holiday season and increase sales.