TOTW 005: 5 Ways to Increase Repeat Business

Top of the Wall PodcastThe final strategy in the CPR Method, is increasing repeat business. Making a sale and never seeing a customer again, is not a recipe for success. You need to get that customer back to buy more. They are your easiest sale.

In This Episode:

Money in the List

Discover why it is so important for you to have a list. Building a database of customers is essential to every business.

Reward Loyalty

Setting up a loyalty program is a great way to get customers coming back more often. This works for all businesses.

Sell Other People’s Stuff

You can get customers back in by offering something different. It doesn’t even have to be your product. Partner up with another non-competing business to offer something valuable to your customers.

Special Events

Why not hold a party or special event just for your current customers? Think that might increase loyalty? VIP nights can go a long way in getting customers back in the door.

Program Them

Seriously! These efforts can program your customers to purchase more often. If you can program the customer to get their carpets cleaned every 3 months, you’re cleaning more carpets!