TOTW 003: 5 Ways to Increase Customers

Top of the Wall PodcastMore customers! It’s what every business needs right?

In this episode JR covers 5 ways (really more) to increase customers. See if your business is using these 5 methods to make more sales. With each one you’ll get some ideas on how you can be doing more

In This Episode:

Be Unique

What’s unique about your business? So unique that customers choose you over your competition? We’ll take a look at how to develop a USP to drive in more sales.

Get Online

A large amount of businesses still do not have a website. And many who do are still not using all the online resources available to them. See what areas you may be missing in your business.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is dead right? Think again. JR will show you why it is still alive and well and how you can take advantage of it.

Bring on the Referrals

A referral from a happy customer is the easiest sale you will ever make. So JR goes over some ways to increase the referrals you get from your current customers.

Joint Ventures

There are other businesses you can team up with to increase sales. This is something every business should be doing. Other businesses are working with your target customer, why not work together?