TOTW 022: 3 Areas Where Follow Up Will Increase Business

Customer Follow Up

Instead of getting a customer to make a sale. Make a sale to get a customer.

Following up with your customers (and leads) is vital to seeing business growth. Don’t let anyone even remotely interested in your business go on without following up with them.

There are lots of ways to do good follow up. And to keep it simple and cost effective.

In This Episode:

3 Areas to Start Follow Up

Leads – Any lead who shows interest in your business should be put into a follow up sequence. Offer them something for their contact info and stay in touch with more info and offers.

Customers – Sale or no sale, have a system in place to follow up with them.

Customer Retention – Staying in touch with your customers will increase the frequency they use your business. It will also increase the likelihood that the refer you more business.