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Are Your Marketing Efforts Ineffective?

There can be a lot of confusion about what “marketing” actually is. Some think it is advertising. Some think it is branding. Marketing encompasses just about everything you are doing in your business. From your advertising, to your website, your sales materials, employees, follow up, etc. It’s a whole lot more than just doing some advertising once in a while.

Marketing should never be a cost. Marketing is what makes you money and therefore should never cost anything. If you are paying for advertising, websites, social media, etc. and not making more money than you are spending, something is wrong.

 “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” – Peter Drucker

The hardest part of marketing for a business owner is that they are not marketers. You most likely did not get into the business you are in because you were amazing at marketing. Sure, you may make the best cake anyone has ever had but can you market that cake?

This is where we come in and help our clients not only make the best cake, but sell the most cakes.

There’s Only 3 Ways to Grow Your Business

1. More Customers
2. Higher Profits Per Transaction
3. More Transactions Per Customer

You’ll find that all of our services will help you accomplish all 3. Businesses needing more help and a better marketing plan can also take advantage of business consulting with our founder JR Griggs.