You’re Not Dying, Yet

June 11, 2013 · Business, Motivation

There I was, fighting back the urge to throw up, trying to walk my way into the bathroom without passing out. I thought for sure my wife would come home and find me laying in a puddle of puke.

I kept reassuring myself that this would soon pass and I would feel better. Just had to rest for a bit and get my energy back.

This is how I felt after a new workout I started. It was a new level in my fitness plan and my body was not happy with it. I was a mess. Ready to throw up or pass out, couldn’t figure out which would come first. I managed to shower and then rest for a bit. Once my body recovered, I felt great. But the feelings just before were horrible.

I chatted with a buddy later that day and mentioned how I felt like I was going to die. His response was “Your body makes you feel like it’s gonna die WAY before it’s actually gonna die…”. This is very true in so many ways. We can push ourselves pretty far if we want. It may not feel great at the moment but even when we feel like we’re going to die, we have plenty left. It’s when you push through those moments that you often reach another level. It’s those moments, that build you up to handle even more next time.

When running a business, you will often have those same moments.

Your Business Isn’t Dying, Yet

In business, we will have plenty of times where we feel like we just can’t go on. The stress is too high, the odds insurmountable, certain death is around the corner. This will happen far more than just once. It will happen at each level we achieve. But it’s ok, we are far from dying. We have time to make it through.

With each level we push through, we will only grow stronger and more able to handle the next.

How many times have you faced something that just seemed too hard, yet when you look back now, it looks like a cake walk?

This happens often in our lives. Fitness, work, business, raising kids, etc. What seemed so difficult, is now so easy.

I remember when my wife started homeschooling, she was overwhelmed at how much there was to do. Now that she is teaching my son 5th grade and my daughter 2nd grade, she can’t believe how easy the 2nd grade work is to get through. But on the first run with my son, she thought it was impossible to keep up with.

In any of these scenarios, it would be easy to quit. We’re going to die if we keep going, so might as well throw in the towel, right?

Trust me, you have plenty of ability to get through it. You’re not dying, your business is not dying, just push through. Make smart decisions and keep moving forward. One day, you will look back and find it hard to believe you once struggled with such petty hurdles.