Black Belt Focus on Your Business

One of the greatest things that I have learned in Martial Arts is focus and determination to achieve my goals. I have enhanced my skills in self discipline as well, to make sure that I stay on task and do what it takes to be successful. Yesterday I stopped by the Tae Kwon-Do school that… Read More

It’s Business and Now It Is Personal

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s business, it’s not personal”. One of the greatest things that Social Media has done for the world is made business very personal. So much so that if a business does not figure it out soon, they could be out of business. The game has changed and now more than… Read More

Why You Need an Autoresponder

Whether you are a Blogger, Internet Marketer or a Business, you need an autoresponder. Whenever I mention email autoresponders I always get that weird look from people and the question of why they would need it. So I want to clear up what it is and why it is needed. What is an Autoresponder? First… Read More

McDonald’s Gives You What You Want

Say what you will about McDonald’s food but you have to admit the company does business well. They continue to get better and better at giving you what you want. You want fast food! Not only are they getting faster but adding the variety that you want. Now they offer their Cafe line of coffees… Read More

There’s Always An Upsell Even For A Waitress

To be politically correct I guess I should also say waiter. But even as a waitress or waiter you can upsell and profit from it. My sister used to be a waiter and I asked her once if she tried to convince them to get dessert. She said no she doesn’t even ask. Leaving Money… Read More